Last weekend saw kidswear designers preview their collections for Autumn/Winter 2014 to stores at two trade shows; Playtime Paris and Bubble London. Even fairly large brands minimise risk by only manufacturing what is ordered at, or shortly after such shows, so the fashion commentators who round up these shows by identifying trends and themes common across the hundreds of exhibitors. I only stock what I like, and what I like is colour, so trend reports can go and boil their heads.  However, it was very clear that one theme will be everywhere this Autumn; weather.

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Retail is an art, not a science and as such, is completely sodding perplexing at times. OK, most of the time.  Sometimes as a retailer, a product you think is gorgeous is a hit and you feel smug. Sometime something you’re a bit iffy about is a hit and you’re just glad you were lucky enough to have bought an accidental hit. Other times, you buy something in that’s totally gorgeous, you’re sure it will sell well… and it doesn’t. Here, on the last day of the sale, are some of my favourite items from last season that just haven’t sold as I expected them to. They are ridiculous bargains at these prices and damn you, why don’t you love them like I do?
Hidden Sale Gems
Hidden Sale Gems by loveitloveit

albababy brown modflower dress £48 down to £24
Oh this dress. This is the 6th variation of this style I’ve bought. I LOVE IT. Can’t bloody give the brown one away, and believe me, at £24, that’s what’s happening here.

4funkyflavours green t-shirt £24 down to £12
The trouble with online clothes stores is you can’t feel the fabric. These t-shirts are so thick and ker-wal-it-TAY. Sporty, retro, £12. Catch ahold of yourself.

 4funkyflavours red t-shirt £24 down to £12

See above, and think on.

danefae swan romper £30 down to £12
Again, this one needs to be felt to be appreciated. As with all Danefae, the fabric is soft enough to make you weep. Your baby deserves this.

duns sweden orange velour trousers £22 down to £15.40
Total mystery. The terry version of these trousers sell like hotcakes. The orange velour baby dungrees sold out very quickly. What do you want from me, dammit?

tapete blue goldfish t-shirt £22 down to £11
Applies to the whole Tapete range. They’re cute, bold, colourful, good quality and organic. No one wants them. Why not? *shakes fist at sky, uncomprehendingly*

Frozen movie sisters Anna & Elsa

***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** (But seriously, if you’re going to get pissy about being spoiled for a Disney film, you shouldn’t be out alone on the internet. Get back to the cbeebies website.)

I hate Disney. It all stems from when I was 2, and my mum was in hospital having my brother. As a treat, my dad took me to see Bambi. Piecing the clues together, it became obvious that my father was trying to gently convey to me that mum had been killed by hunters and a forest fire. A fit of hysterics ensued that could only be quelled by a Crunchie bar. AND IT WASN’T EVEN SWEETIE DAY.

As time went on, the mistrust engendered by this formative experience was compounded by a dislike for the blatant, clunky emotional manipulation contained in each film and the tedious, grinding sexism of the Princess myth that they inflict on kids.

So, after 30 years of successfully avoiding all things Disney, I had sprogs and have since had to see some of their films, under extreme, vocal, sufferance. And of course, they’re still shit. They’re still emotionally manipulative tut about tedious, impossibly proportioned, submissive women living in a world devoid of diversity* while they wait for some monosyllabic chump to fulfil their life’s purpose by marrying them. (*Talking animals are more common than people of colour in Disney’s world, for crying out loud. Disney is, after all almost an anagram of Aryan, except for most of the letters.)

Except…in the last few films, you can see they’re trying, a bit, to offer kids a bit more to think about. Rapunzel in Tangled is reasonably feisty. She still follows the tried & tested Princess formula, but at least she has interests other than Princes and tidying up. She’s a talented artist and she does eventually behave like a proper teenager, secretly shinning down the turret to head down the pub.

Brave takes it several steps further. This tale of one girl’s search for her fate (or ‘feet’ as my youngest thought, which really screwed with her overall understanding of the story; “why can’t she find her feet? They’re THERE”.) There isn’t a Prince. A few are paraded in front of Merida but she’s not vaguely interested. She’s free spirited, multi-talented, rebels against what society expects of her as a Princess and woman, and singlehandedly saves her family without needing to be rescued by anyone else. Unfortunately, the means by which she saves them is embroidery. Oh well.

And now Frozen. At first, this seems a step backwards. Two Princess sisters hang about, growing up, waiting to fall in love. In a development obvious from the first scene, the elder sister Elsa, who has magical icy powers, accidentally freezes her sister Anna’s heart. This will surely kill her unless – no! surely not! – an act of true love can save her life. It’s a reasonable assumption that one of the two main male characters will provide said act of love, the sisters will shack up with them and rule in trilly-singing voiced happy ever afterness.  Instead, for the first time since the appalling violence of Bambi, Disney truly shocked me. As the film inched towards its obvious conclusion, it began to seem that Elsa would be Anna’s saviour. Wrong again. Anna, with her dying breath, saves Elsa’s life. In effect,  that she performs the act of love to save herself and it’s sisterly, not romantic love that does it. As the film concludes, the male characters are given passing mention, but it’s the reconciliation and happiness of the sisters that is the focus.

That, to me, does say something important to kids about priorities and love. Of course, it’s only a small step, and it’ll be a long time before a Disney Princess doesn’t literally have eyes bigger than her belly and the whole thing isn’t a cloying pile of shite, but at least Frozen didn’t actually make me weep for the 90 minutes and £10 I’ll never get back.

SS13 trends - retro flowers
SS13 trends – retro flowers by loveitloveit featuring dresses



Click to read, and enjoy….

SS13 catalogue

When the weather is bitingly cold, there’s nothing more inviting than, soft, warm and snuggly clothes to keep comfy in.
AW12 Theme: Snuggly velour
AW12 Theme: Snuggly velour by loveitloveit featuring sweatshirts and hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoody

Green hoodie

Striped top

Red pants

danefae velour bright stripe trousers

Yellow romper

Red beanie hat

Blue beanie

krutter blue velvet brace trousers

Wouldn’t it be lovely I thought, to ask my daughters about what they think I do for work? Bloody fool. They quite clearly don’t give a toss.

My Mummy’s Work By Evie, aged 8 and Livia, aged 4.


Some days my mummy does a sale. Sometimes she gives me some of the clothes from her shop. It’s really good when I get the new clothes every time.

Mummy does the Post Office and she does her work. I don’t know what she actually does for her work. It looks like writing. She’s on something and I’m watching telly.  Driver Dan’s Story Train.

Sometimes I help in my mummy’s shop by playing on the computer. Blah blah bah blah blah. And then blah blah blah. Mummy’s work is boring. It goes blah blah blah to blah blah blah. (Liv starts singing ‘blah blah blah’ at me, so I give up).



Every day mummy  goes into her work room and she packs all her parcels and does loads  and loads and loads of writing on her computer!

But when ever she is in the same room as us she is normally working on her computer or checking on her  orders and sometimes I get to help her  which is quite fun.

Now I’m really happy that mummy is going to start to go up to 10 to 11 so i can get clothes.

It’s the ultimate animals in kids’ fashion showdown. A rumble in the copse, a face-off in the forest. Owls versus foxes. Which side of the woodland are you on?
AW12 themes: Owls vs. Foxes
AW12 themes: Owls vs. Foxes by loveitloveit featuring a turquoise t shirt

£35 -

knitted lambswool owl Sally Nencini
£28 -

owl lunchbox
£12.75 -

Turquoise fox t shirt
£22 –

Lettie Belle fox cushion

ej sikke lej large purple owl bib
£14 –

Buster Boo Night Owls
£10.20 –

tootsa macginty blue owl jumper
£31 –

tootsa macginty green fox jumper
£31 –

Smafolk purple owls top | Love It Love It Love It
£20 –


An uplifting but importantly, calming one for the start of half term.

AW12 themes: Red & Blue

AW12 themes: Red & Blue by loveitloveit featuring striped leggings

Blue top

Striped legging

boys & girls blue track pants

tapete blue bambi baby top

tapete red herbie baby top

boys & girls red & blue stripe top

duns sweden blue stripe baby vest

metsola blue rattle top

nadadelazos countryside top

pili pala red & blue bubble dress

tiljamid red bamboo jeans

albababy red flower dungarees

danefae stripy viking romper